The British Flower Collective (previously known as The Flower Co-Operative) is an online directory of flower growers and floral designers that believe 'British is Best' when it comes to flowers. It is run by Chloe Plester (BareBlooms)  

Our florists and growers are all passionate about seasonal, locally grown flowers, aiming to reduce 'flower miles' and above all promote buying British flowers and produce. Some* of our floral designers use only 100 % British grown all year round (yes, it is possible). 

The British Flower Collective started with an idea by Chloe in 2008...

"I soon realised that I could not grow enough variety and quantity of blooms to supply demand but I wasn't prepared to go against my principles and buy in from aboard. Luckily for me I stumbled across some lovely ladies locally doing the same kind of thing as me. They shared my passion for seasonal, local, home grown blooms. It seemed silly to me for us all to be fighting against each other and struggling to grow enough blooms ourselves whilst still maintaining quality. The logical solution was to share each other's passion in a way in which we all would benefit .....and thus the idea of a flower cooperative was sown!" 



* not all of our floral designers use 100 % British grown all of the time, though they are all passionate about doing so.  Please check with each individual business and request 100 % if that is what you want.