floribunda rose

Floribunda Rose was launched by Sarah Diligent, who is absolutely passionate about flowers, loves all things natural and has a leaning towards old style glamour and wild whimsical designs.

At Floribunda Rose we specialise in creating beautiful artisan floristry for weddings and events that reflect our wonderful clients.

We adore the quirky natural shapes, outrageously beautiful scents and amazing diversity that homegrown flowers give us and we pride ourselves on being a floral foam free floral design company.

Sarah can often be found foraging in the countryside around Floribunda Rose HQ for treasures including apples, teasels, sloes, berries, flowers and wild inspiration for natural designs.

No matter how grand or intimate your occasion, our team will choose the most beautiful, locally grown British flowers and foliage of the season and give them the chance to shine.


We use hand dyed raw silk ribbons for our bridal bouquets (because they are just SO beautiful). Our local suppliers care deeply about what they do and have amazing talent, which is why we’ll always go to them first.

Everything that we possibly can recycle we do, from packaging (glass jars & kraft flower bags) to composting our green waste, we do all that we can to be as green as we possible and even our workshop electricity is generated by solar panels.

In short ~ we love what we do, and consider each and every design an honour and a privilege to create.

Telephone:  07904 383916